FotoFinder offers imaging systems and services for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, with a focus on dermatology and trichology.

The high-quality portrait stand can be swiveled 180 degrees from left to right and offers five shooting angles. The chin rest can be easily removed for pictures of the chin, neck, and low neck. The PolFlash system provides perfect illumination.


Plan treatments and give professional advice:
Personalized treatment plans can be designed and presented in an impressive way with the integrated product and treatment database, which can be individually adapted to your range of services.

Quick reproducible images:
The Ghost function allows the camera to be conveniently positioned in the same way as in the first shot for identical patient orientation.

Meaningful photos thanks to polarization:
Impressive images of blood vessels, spider veins, pores, pigment spots, fine lines, and wrinkles succeed with the special filter for cross and parallel polarization.

Visualize and quantify results:
Analyze facial images in image comparison for redness and pigment damage and obtain values for assessing the treatment results.